Baby Registry Wish List

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Baby Registry Wish List

Becoming a first time parent can be stressful and discouraging.  A baby registry is a great idea to sign up for so friends and family will know what you need.  Soon to be new parents may have a hard time knowing what to get for their baby.  This is a list I came up with after having 2 babies of my own. Swaddle–  My firstRead more …

6 Steps How To Style a Coffee Table

Coffee Table

I love to mix old with new modern things, that’s why I chose this fabulous mid-century modern coffee table.  Because a coffee table can really be the center of attention in a room and help anchor the room together.  I found a new fabulous shop online called Charish.  They are a site that you can go on and buy or sell vintage and furniture.  That’sRead more …

How to Decorate a Gallery Wall

How to Decorate

  I’m almost finally finished with my gallery wall (just need to put up a couple more things).  I want to take you through the steps I went through on how to decorate, design, and install my gallery wall. 1.  Decide Layout and Make a Plan First things first, you can’t do anything until you’ve come up with a layout you want to use.  IRead more …

Easley Residence Living Room eDesign

interior design blogs

 A couple of months ago I did a fun design giveaway with a few other interior designers and my giveaway was a free eDesign.  My free eDesign included a space plan, mood board, source list, and detailed instructions on how to achieve the design. The original person who won gave it away to her sister that actually really wanted it.  She really wanted it becauseRead more …

What you Need to Decorate for a Perfect Summer Soiree

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summer soiree

Throwing a summer soiree is the perfect beginning or end to a fabulous summer.  The best way to decide on a theme is to figure out why you love summer and why you want to throw a soiree.  (Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see what products I approve of, and check them out!) We love to spend A LOTRead more …

Unique Handmade Housewares Found at The Tulle Box

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I found some really fun and cute unique handmade housewares at The Tulle Box recently. I’ve got some to share with you, but first I wanted to talk a little more about the shop and their products. The Tulle Box is a really fun shop because they sell handcrafted home goods. Here’s just a start to the list of things they sell: custom creative banners, mobiles, dishwasher magnets, dry erase boards, cork boards, coaster sets, and fridge magnets. Not only do they have so many things to choose from, but each section has several colors to choose from, and I’m sure they’d be willing to do a custom order if you don’t find the color you are looking for.

Decorating Ideas for your Backyard and Patio for the Summer

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Backyard ideas

Now that it’s warming up, everyone wants to spend more time outside. And why not make your outdoors just as amazing as your indoors. Bring a little of the indoors outside. I found some really great backyard ideas that will give your outdoor areas a little more color and make you want to spend all your time outdoors.