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 A couple of months ago I did a fun design giveaway with a few other interior designers and my giveaway was a free eDesign.  My free eDesign included a space plan, mood board, source list, and detailed instructions on how to achieve the design.

The original person who won gave it away to her sister that actually really wanted it.  She really wanted it because her and her husband recently had bought a lovely home and were in desperate need of design help.  They have a large room that is open to the kitchen and they really wanted to put a dining area and a casual living room area with a tv.  They wanted to have this area connected because it has French doors that open to the living room and the wife wanted to keep it more formal and not have a tv in the room.

I really wanted to fit the living/tv area with the dining room, but unfortunately with all that they really wanted, there was no way I’d be able to fit both areas together and I suggested that I design the living room and find a way to hid the tv.  They LOVED the idea.

So, I went to work and found a few ideas on how they could hide the tv.  These are almost the same idea, but one opens and one slides.eDesignvia Dixie Delights

interior design blogsvia Simply Salvage

The great thing about these ideas, is that they both have in depth tutorials, make sure you check them out.

They had a $2,000 budget to work with and they wanted mostly neutrals with a little color.  I am used to using a lot of color with a little neutral, the last several clients I’ve worked with have liked mostly neutral colors.  So, I’ve had to step outside of my comfort zone a little bit, but it has been worth it.  Designing in neutrals has been really fun and I think the design have turned out really pretty and a lot better than I have expected.  This client asked me to find furniture and accessories that are rustic, shabby chic, and vintage with a modern twist (this was a lot out of my comfort zone too).

She gave me a list of things she had to have in the living room: sectional sofa, coffee table, end table, lamp, a way to hide the tv, a bookcase, rug, and some extra seating.  I was a little nervous to find everything she needed with only a $2,000 budget, but I did it.  Even though this was for a contest win and I wasn’t getting paid anything, I still worked as hard on this eDesign as I do on all my eDesigns.

There were a couple of space plans I came up with, but this one was the best for their space.  I used this layout because I wanted to keep it open and make the room look bigger.  I put the side table on the side of the sofa because the chairs have access to the coffee table and because the lamp that will sit on the side table will need to be plugged in.  You don’t want to be putting cords in places that you could possible trip over them.

Whenever you are installing art or anything you want to look at, you’ll want the center of the art at your eye level.  When you are accessorizing things on a table bookcase or fireplace, I always suggest you layer from tallest to smallest.mood boardspace plan
Here’s my key for knowing where to place things.



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